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Close Message field added to in the shopping cart Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 31 October 2012 / Time: 15:40 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #220 URL

You can add massage in the Returning Customer field and the New Customer field on the PC site.
On the smartphone site, they are shown above the Sign in for Checkout button and the Create My Account button.

Edit message in Note in Cart Sign-in Page on [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Cart Settings].
For display position, click "*See display sample".

Close PayPal Payments Pro became available Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 29 October 2012 / Time: 11:37 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #219 URL

You can use PayPal Payments Pro in Ochanoko-net now.
This is compatible with PayPal Payment Pro in US and Canada.

PayPal Payments Pro requires approval by PayPal.

If you are PayPal Payments Pro user;
1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Payment Methods].
2. Click Set Payment Method in the Credit Card field.
3. Check PayPal for United States/Canada.
4. Enter API Username, API Password and Signature.
**Gain API Username, API Password and Signature on the PayPal control panel.
Go to My Account > MyProfile > My selling tools > API Access .
Under Option 2 - Request API credentials to create your own API username and password, click View API Signature.

For users in UK, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, France and Japan,
the title of setting field is changed to PayPal for UK/Singapore/Australia/Hong Kong/France/Japan.

Close Embeded tag for Model No./Item No. became available Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 24 October 2012 / Time: 14:13 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #218 URL

You can use the embeded tag for Model No./Item No. in [Basic Settings] > [Metatags (Each Page)] now.

Close You can create blacklist Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 15 October 2012 / Time: 14:20 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #217 URL

If email address and phone number match the data in the blacklist, you are warned
in the order confirmation email and order list

Create a blacklist in [Basic Settings] > [Blacklist].
You can add an entry field clicking the Add button.

Close Layout for shopping cart and registration form has been modified Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 01 October 2012 / Time: 14:45 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #216 URL

The layout for shopping cart and registration form has been modified as informed on Sep. 10.
Please see the details on the following page.

Additionally, steps in the shopping cart are shown on the Smartphone site.

Close Modification in layout for shopping cart and registration form Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 10 September 2012 / Time: 15:35 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #215 URL

We will modify the page layout for the shopping cart and registration form to improve usability.
Modification date and time
Mon, October 1, 2012

Please see the following page for detailed information.

Close You can use PayDollar (AsiaPay) in Ochanoko-net now. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 10 September 2012 / Time: 13:41 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #214 URL

Choice of currency:

The available currency and condition depend on your contract.

Refer to the following page.

To use PayDollar, please apply for AsiaPay through the application form
in [Basic settings] > [Payment Methods] > [Credit Card]. Click "Inquiry/Application Form".

Close How to show the delivery status of an order? Contributor: Tony / Date: 26 August 2012 / Time: 15:00 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #213 URL

Hello everyone,
When you have any purchase in Amazon, Ebay, etc, you can see that we can check if our item has been shipped or not.
It means that a customer can see the status of his order ("not confirmed yet", "has been shipped", "not shipped yet").
I also want to show the delivery status to my customers so that they know when their item is shipped.
Does everybody know how to do it? Is it possible in OCNK?
Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Re no title Contributor: anonymity / Date: 05 December 2012 / Time: 14:28 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #234 URL

this would be a great addition to the features.

I also like this one

Re Order Status in My Page Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 07 December 2012 / Time: 16:29 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #236 URL

We are very sorry for having skipped your good suggestion, Tony.

We will examine the function in the future.
However, we can make any guarantees at this moment if it will come true.

Re no title Contributor: Ken / Date: 14 December 2012 / Time: 00:35 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #238 URL

Yes, I also suggest this one. Just like when I order pizza from a pizza shop, I can see if the delivery guy already left the store...

Close You can exclude selected items from the Overall Discount Setting. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 18 July 2012 / Time: 13:40 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #212 URL

You can select items which are excluded from the overall discount.

To select an item, check the box of "Exclude this item from the overall discount"
in the Selling Price box

You can clear all selections by clicking the Reset Exclusion Settings for Item button
in [Basic Settings] > [Overall Discount Setting].

Close You can enter GTIN on the Shop Manager. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 18 July 2012 / Time: 13:38 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #211 URL

The entry field for GTIN became available in an item registration page.

Go to an item registration page, and you can find the GTIN field
in the Model No./Item No. box.

If you enter GTIN, it is automatically added to the followings,
though it does not appear on the shop front.

- end of keywords for META tags in the item description page
- [gtin] for Google Product Search in the item registration page
*If you upload GTIN using a CSV file, it is not copied in [gtin].
- order details in Order Control

You can search an item and and order in the following page.
- [Order Control] > [Orders]
- [Order Control] > [Order Download]
- [Inventory Control] > [Existing Items]
- [Inventory Control] > [Bulk Registration/Change]

Close You can get a Google AdWords Free Trial Coupon on Ochanoko-net. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 04 June 2012 / Time: 11:17 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #210 URL

Google AdWords offers new AdWords users a free trial coupon worth JPY7,500.
Click a banner in the left column on the front page of Shop Manager.
The banner is not available during the free trial period.

If you are using AdWords, you cannot use this coupon.

Close For the English version to be available in French Contributor: pat / Date: 13 March 2012 / Time: 16:48 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #208 URL

Entrant a company in France, who are using the site for sale Ochanoko as for Japan.
Currently, when trying to use the English version of the site for Ochanoko also outside France, as well as in France, we have the registration of the product towards the site staff French Open after finishing the trial period.

Foreign language point of non-English version is not available currently is aware of.
Although the buttons and icons have been replaced with French in the image, you can change the notation of each page is written in English in French What also unreasonable · · ·, name, address, for example when the customer registration.

Kindly let me know if you can change to French notation notation in the range where English.

Re French in English version Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 14 March 2012 / Time: 09:35 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #209 URL

Some text are written on program, and it is impossible for you to edit fixed text
on the Shop Manager.

To change fixed text, we have to edit it on program, which affects all users.
If fixed text is changed from English to French, the text will be displayed in French
on all shops in Ochanoko-net.

We apologize for not being able to meet your requirement, but hope that you will
kindly understand this condition.

Close Web mail Contributor: Ken / Date: 18 February 2012 / Time: 11:28 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #205 URL

I wish you guys can provide web email for us users.

Re Contact Ochanoko-net Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 27 February 2012 / Time: 10:01 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #207 URL

Please use an inquiry form to contact us.

On the shop manager, click the Support button the the top of the page.

Close Price increase Contributor: Kenshin / Date: 13 February 2012 / Time: 22:33 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #204 URL

Is there a way to increase price simultaneously on one category?

For example:

Toys: add +50 on all items on this category

If no function, I hope there will be in the near future.


Re Bulk price changes Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 27 February 2012 / Time: 10:01 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #206 URL

We apologize for this very belated reply.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change a price for some items
with a single action.

To change price and quantity of some items in a category or a group, please use
[Shop Manage] > [Inventory Control] > [Bulk Change of Prices and Quantities].
Select a Category in the Refine Items box. If the item has variation,
click the Quantity and Price by Option button.
Entry fields for prices will appear in the next page.

CSV file enables you to change prices in a category at once.
You can download and a upload a CSV file
in [Shop Manager] > [Inventory Control] > [Bulk Registration/Change].

Close OCNK became compatible with Google Ecommerce. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 16 January 2012 / Time: 16:30 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #203 URL

You can use Google Ecommerce for your shopping cart.

<Register with Google Analytics>

<Gain UA code>
1. Go to the Google Analytics setting page, and select Profile Settings
2. In E-Commerce Setting, select Yes, an E-Commerce Site.
3. Select a currency if needed.
4. Find Property ID above the setting form, and copy UA code.

<Set Google Ecommerce to your site>

5. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Access Analysis Tags]
6. Paste the UA code you gained in the Google Analytics UA code field.

The UA code can be shared between PC site and Smartphone site, but the data will
be shared as well. In the following case, create a new property and set another UA code
in [Smartphone Site Control] > [Access Analysis Tags].
・ Domain name differs between PC site and Smartphone site.
・ You wish to receive two separate tracking data - PC site and Smartphone site.

Please note that operations on the Shop Manger, such as changes and cancellations, will not be tracked.

<Check the data on Google Analytics>
Select Standard Reporting tag.
You can find Ecommerce under Conversions in the left menu.

For operation in the Google Analytics, use Google Help center or ask Google.

Close It became possible to receive order confirmation e-mail and inquiry e-mail with different e-mail address. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 13 December 2011 / Time: 11:37 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #202 URL

You can add different e-mail address to receive order confirmation e-mail and inquiry e-mail now.

<To receive order confirmation e-mail>
1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Order Confirmation E-mail].
2. Enter additional e-mail address in the Receiving E-mail Address for Order Confirmation box.
3. Click the Complete Setting button.

<To receive inquiry e-mail>
1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Auto-Reply E-mails].
2. Click the Edit E-mail button in the Return Receipt E-mail for Inquiries box.
3. Enter additional e-mail address in the Receiving E-mail Address for Inquiry box.
4. Click the Complete Setting button.

Both order confirmation e-mail and inquiry e-mail are still sent to Contact Person's E-mail Address and BCC E-mail Address.

Close The personalization function is available. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 06 December 2011 / Time: 15:42 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #201 URL

For personalized items, new input types are added to the shopping cart.
Text entry fields, drop down boxes and radio button fields are available now.

To use this function, follow the steps below.

STEP1: Create a personalization template
1. Go to [Inventory Control] > [Personalization Template].
2. Enter Template Name and Order.
3. Click Register.
4. The personalization template name appears in the list.

* You can also display prices under the personalization selection field.
If you do not need it, deselect "Display prices below".

STEP2: Create a personalization item
5. Click "Add" a personalization item.
6. The setting field for a personalization item appears.
Select and enter required information.

STEP3: Set a personalization template to an item
7. Go to an item registration page.
8. The Personalization Template field appears, and select a template.

** You can set a personalization template using a CSV file.

Close Error display has been changed in the customer information entry form. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 06 December 2011 / Time: 15:39 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #200 URL

Errors are surrounded with a red frame to emphasize them.
Please check in a registration form and an inquiry form.

Close A new page layout is available. Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 06 December 2011 / Time: 15:38 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #199 URL

Layout 5 was added for layout of item information pages.
Go to [Design Control] > [Item List/Item Information Page] and select a layout.

Additionally, you can put "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the item description field.
* To use this new button, select Layout 1, 2 or 4.

Close Larger image is displayed in a popup in item description pages Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 21 November 2011 / Time: 16:50 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #198 URL

Larger image is displayed in a popup in item description pages.

Larger image in an item description page is displayed in a pop-up window now
instead of a new window.

! If you use Flash,
The Flash may be displayed over popup image.
In that case, edit your tags referring to the following page.


Additionally, main image is switched by mouseover instead of clicking a thumbnail.

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