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Request for Password Reset Due to Policy Changes

Thank you for using Ochanoko.net.

In the interest of strengthening security, we have changed our password policy regarding the Shop manager login password.

If your current password does not meet the criteria listed below, please update your password by visiting [Basic Settings] → [Profile Information]

* Updated Password Policy


* Please enter 8-32 characters in a combination of three of the following: numbers, symbols, and capital and lowercase letters.

* Available symbols: !#$%&()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~


If you fail to update your password in accordance with the new policy, after 1 March you will be redirected to a password reset page when accessing your Shop manager.

Additionally, be aware that until your password is updated, access to other pages will be limited.

* For sub-administrator use

Regarding sub-administrator passwords, in the event that standards under the new password policy are not met, please change your password by visiting the following:
[Basic Settings] → [Sub-administrators]

(Warning 1) For sub-administrator passwords that fail to satisfy the updated policy, you will be redirected after March 1 to a password reset page when accessing your Shop manager.
(It will still be possible to access other screens)
(Warning 1)
From today (30 January) to 29 February, cases in which sub-administrator login is not possible will also occur.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but Shop managers will be under maintenance to enhance security from unauthorized access.

Thank you for your understanding. Please update your settings on or before 29 February.

View Your Login History From the Shop Manager

It is now possible to past login history, password changes, and email address changes from the Shop manager.
Go to [Basic Settings] → [Security History]

New function: Cookie use policy agreement settings

Cookie use policy agreement settings have been released. Adjust settings by moving from [Basic Settings] to the [Cookie use policy agreement settings] page. Please use in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or similar guidelines.

About stopping the CatchAll function of the mail servers

From Wednesday, October 23, 2019 (JST/UTC+9), we will stop the function of CatchAll in the mail servers of Ochanoko-net.

CatchAll is a function that forwards email for non-existing mail accounts to a specific email account.
This function is mainly used to receive email sent to wrong addresses without malicious intent, but at the same time, you will receive junk emails sent to wrong addresses.

In fact, there are many cases where CatchAll is set unintentionally and a large amount of junk email is received, or the forwarding email account is filled with junk email and other email cannot be received, and this is one of the reasons for the load on the mail servers.
For this reason, we have always recommended that you not use CatchAll, but we have decided to disable CatchAll.

As of Wednesday, October 23, 2019 (JST/UTC+9), all CatchAll settings currently set will be disabled.
From this point on, email addressed to a nonexistent mail account results in an error message being returned to the sender.
The CatchAll setting on the email address creation screen is also hidden and cannot be changed.

If you are currently receiving email using CatchAll, you will not be able to receive it, so create an individual email account and use it to receive it.
Please understand that this is a measure to realize a comfortable usage environment.

Optional upgrades are now available for our newsletter service.

The standard sending rate for our newsletter service is 100,000 recipients, but with new optional upgrades it is possible to send to a maximum of 500,000 recipients per month.
Upgrade packages can be viewed here. To apply, access the shop manager and go to [Basic Settings], then move to the [Subscription Details] page and click [Change Plan].

WebPush notifications have been enabled.

WebPush notifications have been enabled as a function of your browser.
Confirm permission when accessing the Shop manager for the first time. Upon confirming permission, notifications of orders, etc. will be displayed even when the browser is closed.
To enable/disable notifications, access [Basic settings] in the Store manager, and choose [Notification settings]. Click ON/OFF in the box.

New function: CSV download for Instagram shopping

The CSV data for Instagram is available for download. To download, navigate from [Marketing]-->[External shopping]-->[Instagram] tab.
To learn more, see the following FAQ article:


Ochanoko Photo App released

Ochanoko Photo is an application for managing photos via your iOS device. More and more people are taking high quality product photos for their stores using their phones, and the app is designed to make it easy to do just that. With Ochanoko Photo, you can upload images from your phone directly to the Ochanoko Shop Manager, on multiple Ochanoko accounts.

To learn more, see the following FAQ article:


The Newsletter function has been improved!

We've made two improvements to the Newsletter function. We've added the option to save newsletters as drafts. To save a newsletter as a draft, select [Draft] on the [New newsletter issue] page and click [Send].

We've also removed the confirmation step, so now the process of sending a newsletter is 2 steps rather than 3. Now you can click [Send] immediately from the [New newsletter issue] page.

New function: SPF record

As of February 14, an SPF record will be automatically enabled for all Ochanoko email accounts.

An SPF record is a tool to prevent email address spoofing. With an SPF record, recipient email addresses will be able to verify that the email was actually sent from the servers associated with the Sender field email address. This means that the emails you send are less likely to be treated as spam, whereas emails sent from other servers but labeled as being from you are more likely to be treated as spam.

In most cases, we strongly recommend keeping the SPF record enabled. However, if you send emails from other servers and change the Sender field to an email address associated with your Ochanoko domain, you may wish to disable the SPF record. To do so, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Basic Settings] → [Manage email accounts]. Uncheck [Enable SPF] and click [Save].