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New function: Custom popup submenus

We've added the functionality to create your own custom submenus in the shop header. Previously, it was only possible to add regular hyperlinks to the header. This functionality allows you to display the contents of a customizable box on clicking on the link. Popup menus can be added to the header by navigate to [Design]→[Layout] and finding the [+Submenu] button in the Header section. Popup menus can also be added to the expanded navigation menu at [Design]→[Expanded navigation menu].

New function: FTP uploading

We've added the option to pay an additional fee to enable FTP uploading. FTP allows you to upload files, including image files as well as PDF, HTML, and CSS files, using special FTP software. This function can be used to publish custom HTML pages and to upload your own stylesheets.

The monthly fee to enable FTP uploading is USD $9.98. To enable FTP uploading, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Basic Settings] → [Subscription details] and click the [Change plan] button. This will bring you to a page with an FTP field where you can select Enable. Select this and press Save. You will receive an email detailing the steps to follow to complete payment.

Once FTP is enabled, FTP information can be accessed at [Basic Settings] → [FTP settings] in your Shop Manager.

New function: Global HTTPS

We've added the option to change your whole store to HTTPS. Previously, HTTPS was only used with pages related to forms, the cart, and checking out. HTTPS pages, which use URLs beginning with https://, are more secure than standard HTTP URLs. We recommend enabling this setting, as Google Chrome version 62 and up will display a warning message on many non-HTTPS pages. When using global HTTPS, please be aware that any HTML-enabled boxes in your Shop Manager that contain URLs beginning in http:// may trigger a warning message or fail to load correctly. We have also added the functionality to automatically convert all such URLs to HTTPS, but some may not be convertible and must be changed manually.

To enable global HTTPS, navigate to [Basic Settings] → [Global HTTPS settings] in your control panel and click the [Auto-change URLs] button. Perform manual URL edits as necessary. Next, select Enable on this page and then click [Save].

Renewal Campaign through Oct 20

In celebration of recent upgrades made to the Ochanoko Shop Manager, we're excited to announce that we're running a special campaign to cut subscription fees.

Through 23:59 on October 20, 2017 (JST/UTC+9), the costs to subscribe for the first year have been drastically reduced by over 30%. The price for our Standard plan is only USD $6/month (from $9), and $19/month for our Deluxe plan. We hope you'll take advantage of these deals and start (or restart) a webstore with Ochanoko!


Upcoming Shop Manager menu changes

On July 12th, we will be making some changes to the menus in Shop Manager, to improve intuitiveness and ease of use. These changes include removing the distinction between Simple and Advanced modes, as well as moving some pages to other tabs.

These changes can be viewed at the following link:

Responsive (and mobile-only) HTML5 templates released

We’re happy to announce the release of new responsive design templates for your Ochanoko store! When a responsive template is selected, PC and mobile sites are merged, and your store display will be automatically adjusted based on platform and screen size. Our selection of responsive templates can be viewed at the following link:


To get started with a responsive template, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Design] → [Design templates], select HTML5, and then select from the list of responsive templates. Please note that responsive templates are unavailable under legacy PC-only or mobile-only contracts.

We have also added a selection of mobile-only HTML5 templates, with a migration mode setting to make it easier to change your mobile site from XHTML to HTML5. Our mobile HTML5 templates can be viewed at the following link:


To learn more about migration mode, see the following FAQ article:


Updated Terms of Service

We’ve updated our Terms of Service. It’s been a while since our last update, and we decided it was important to make some changes to improve clarity and readability. These changes are effective as of today. Many of the changes we’ve made are very small, but some of the major changes we’ve made include:

Language: We know that understanding your rights is important to you, so we’ve completely rewritten the Terms of Service to be much more readable and remove unnecessary legalese.

eCommerce responsibilities: We’ve added some details about your responsibilities to your customers, including clarifying that you need to post a privacy policy on your store in accordance with legal regulations. If you do not currently have a privacy policy, we ask that you upload one to a custom page or the customizable box of your shop information page. We intend to add a customizable privacy policy box to the shop information page next week to make it as easy as possible to post a privacy policy on your store.

Account ownership: We’ve added information about what we can do in case ownership of your account is disputed, or if you ever lose access to your account.

We hope you’ll read through the new Terms of Service thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions or comments about the Terms or our changes to them.

Point approval has been improved!

When approval of purchase points is set to "Approve manually" at the Point system page, points can now be approved from the order list.

To approve purchase points from the order list, navigate to the order list at Orders→Manage Orders, and click the little P✓ icon in the Total Amount column for your desired order.

Inquiry form changes

We’ve changed the format of the inquiry form to match that of custom forms. As a result, we’ve changed some of the embedded tags used in autoreply emails as below:

{Content}: Message contents only
{Question}: Answers to additional questions

{Content}: All submitted information
{Question}: Removed

These changes will take effect on 24 April 2017. Please make sure to update your autoreply emails if you’re using these tags to ensure that the contents of your emails are as you desire.

We have also changed how submitted inquiries are displayed at [Orders]→[Inquiries], as well as relevant CSV fields.

Review points improvement

We’ve added the functionality to award different numbers of points based on review content. Previously, all types of reviews would receive the same points, but now reviews containing text, images, or videos can be awarded different numbers of points at your discretion.

Numbers of points awarded for reviews can be configured at [Operations]→[Review Settings].