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Close Exclude items from Free Shipping - Category Description Contributor: Tony / Date: 10 July 2013 / Time: 15:47 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #287 URL

Dear Ochanoko,

1, We all know that in the Delivery Charges under Advance Settings, we can set [Offer free delivery if the merchandise total reaches ....].
However, in many cases, we have items which are so heavy that they should be excluded from this FREE SHIPPING function.

2, In Inventory control, we can make Sub-category under Main Category. However, after Sub-categories are created, the category description of the main category cannot be seen any more, as well as the pages with all items of the main categories. I think at least the category description should be kept to be seen. It is important for customers to give information about the main category.

As a customer of OCNK, I would like to make the system better.
I believe it will help a lot of customers and help Ochanoko to gain more customers over other e-commerce shopping cart.

Tony Storm

Re Free shipping and main category page Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 10 July 2013 / Time: 17:24 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #288 URL

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your suggestions.

1. As you know, the free shipping setting has the first priority in the delivery charge settings.
If a fixed shipping cost is charged to the item, please add the delivery charge to its selling price.
We will review this matter further in the future.

2. We will create a main category page to show all items included in the subcategories in the future.
The description for main category will be shown on this new page.
We are sorry for causing you such inconvenience at this moment, but please wait until our system is improved.

Close Problems with setting the item price 2 Contributor: Herve / Date: 02 July 2013 / Time: 11:31 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #285 URL

Hurrah, I found the way to change $ to Japanese yen.

But I want to use the word 'yen" or the ¥ sign instead of the japanese kanji. Actually it is physically possible, but would that not create problems/interferences with the system when customers want to pay ?

I still have to find a way to not set a selling price, if it is possible.

Re Selling price setting Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 03 July 2013 / Time: 13:34 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #286 URL

Thank you for having found the way to change a currency yourself.
Yes, you can change a currency and its display in [Basic Settings] > [Global Settings] > Currency Setting.
If you choose a proper currency, "yen" or "\" cause no problem when your customer arranges for payment.

As to selling price, we do not allow you to set a selling price.
Ochanoko-net includes payment gateway. If you sign up with them to accept only payment,
your customer will complete payment for the amount fixed in the shopping cart.

We apologize for not being able to meet your requirement on this matter.

Close Problems with setting the item price Contributor: Herve / Date: 01 July 2013 / Time: 22:26 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #284 URL


I just started to set up my ocnk page for a online shopping service, but I am a novice and I already have two problems with the price setting on my page:

(1) I live in Japan and will sell my services to customers in Japan.
Is it possible to set up the price in ¥ and not in $?
Sadly the $ seems to be the only available option...

(1) My business is a shopping service on a farmers market and I won't know the item price before I actually shop for my customers. Furthermore the price of the item is printed on the item when I buy it for my customers. That means I can't sell it with a margin (the customer would receive tomatoes he got from me for let say 300¥ but the a price of 280¥ would be printed on the package…).
That's why I plan to use a flat fee of 2000 ¥ per shopping expedition, whatever the amount of groceries I buy for my customers.
I would like to write either 'Tomatoes 150~300¥' in the product description, and not a fixed price, but the 'Inventory Control New Items' page won't allow me to not set a price, furthermore in $ and not in ¥ as mentioned in (1). Written in red is the mention "An item cannot be added to the cart without setting the Selling Price."

Here is a test I did with tomatoes:

How can I solve these problems ?

Thanks for helping if you know the solution!


Close Variation list can be embedded on the item description page (only PC site) Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 25 June 2013 / Time: 12:11 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #283 URL

You can display a variation list instead of a text link on an item description page though this is not available on Smartphone site.
Go to [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Item List/Item Information Page].
To display variation list on an item description page, select "on the page" in Variation List in the Item Information Page box.

Additionally, radio button became available to choose a variation option depending on layout of item information page.

To display radio button, choose Layout 3, Layout 4 or Layout 5 in Layout in the Item Information Page box.
Then select an option for Choose Variation Option.

If an item has 2 variations, different type of list will be available.
Options are put vertically for one variation and horizontally for the other, if you check Use variation title as column name and row name for an item with 2 variations.

Please refer to the sample page by clicking Display Sample on the Shop Manager.

To change how to choose variation option depending on an item, choose an option in Choice Option/Display on an item registration page.

Close Customers can search in-stock items easily Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 25 June 2013 / Time: 12:10 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #282 URL

In stock checkbox is added to item list pages for category and group and search result pages.

To enable this function, go to [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Item List/Item Information Page].
Check "Display" for In Stock checkbox in the Item List Page box, and click the Complete Setting button.

In stock checkbox appears above the item list on your shopping pages.

Close Checkout agreement function was improved Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 10 June 2013 / Time: 18:03 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #281 URL

Birth date selection is available on the checkout agreement.
You can use either or both of birth date selection and a current checkbox.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Cart Settings].
Birth date setting is in the Checkout Agreement box.

Birth date is saved in the order details and not in the member information.

Close You can unite information of multiple members Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 10 June 2013 / Time: 18:02 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #280 URL

If some members are in accord about postal code and phone number, you can unite their information.

1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Member Information].
2. Select members to unite information by clicking the checkboxes.
3. Click the Unite Members icon above the list.

4. The Unite Overlapping Member Information page opens. Please select a main member and click Complete Setting.
Orders, points and coupons of other selected members will be moved to the main member.

* The original information other than the main member will be deleted and cannot be restored once united.
* Valid points of selected members will be added up on the main member information.
* Registered senders and recipients on My Page are not moved to the main member.
* The main member information will be applied to Member Group and E-mail Newsletter subscription status.

!Previous Order Information!
* After member information united, old member name appears on the previous order information.
To update it, click Update Information on the order details page.

Close Unique URL is assigned to a What's New article Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 10 June 2013 / Time: 18:02 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #279 URL

Click the title of an article, it will be linked to the article page.
Please use the URL to link from the external page.

Close SOLD OUT image can be edited Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 27 May 2013 / Time: 14:55 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #278 URL

You can edit text, font and background of SOLD OUT image now.

To use SOLD OUT image, go to [Shop Manager] > [Inventory Control] > [Stock Display].
and check the box of Use SOLD OUT image in Sold Out field.

Edit text and background in Sold-out Image Setting box.

Additionally you can adjust the position.

To adjust position, click the link of "To move text link, click here".
Enter a number from -10 to -1 to move up and to left.
Enter a number from 1 to 10 to move down and to right.

Use this function to fine-tune the text position and not to change the position itself.

Close You can suspend Ochanoko-net account Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 15 May 2013 / Time: 10:24 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #277 URL

You can suspend Ochanoko-net account for USD11.88 (or JPY1,200) per year.
Your data will be saved to use when you restore your account.

Please apply for suspension following the steps below.

STEP1 Apply for Suspension
1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Suspension/Withdrawal], and click the Change Payment Method button.
2. Check the box of "I agree to the above conditions. Suspend my account".
3. Click the Suspend button.

* Suspension fee for US$11.88 (or JPY1,200) is required per year for suspension.
* After Suspension starts, your shopping pages are not accessible.
* Shop Manager is limited to part of Basic Settings (User Information, E-mail Address Creation in E-mail Management).
* Email address created on Ochanoko-net is valid during the suspension.
* For domain renewal, we well email a renewal notice. Do not fail to arrange for payment on the Shop Manager.

STEP2 Pay for Suspension Fee
4. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [View/Change Contract Details].
5. Click the Pay by Credit Card button to proceed to the payment page.
6. After your payment confirmed, starting date of suspension appears in the Expiration Date of OCNK Account field.

To restart your Ochanoko-net account, follow the steps below.

1. Click the Cancel Suspension to Reopen Shop button in [View/Change Contract Details].
2. Check the box of Cancel Suspension to Reopen Shop.
3. Click the View Entry button.
4. Confirm the billing details to restore your account and click the Pay Now button.
5. Complete your payment.

When you reopen your shop during the suspension period, monthly fee for the remaining month of your contract
will be charged without regard for the suspension fee you paid.

Close Automatic credit card payment became available Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 15 May 2013 / Time: 10:22 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #276 URL

If you select automatic credit card payment, credit card payment is automatically processed for account and domain renewals.
Please change your payment method by the following procedure.

1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [View/Change Contract Details], and click the Change Payment Method button.
2. Check the box of Enable in the Automatic Credit Card Payment field.
3. Enter your credit card information to use for automatic payment.
4. Click the Change button.
5. Your payment method will be changed to Automatic Credit Card Payment after your credit card is verified.

To cancel automatic credit card payment, remove the check of Enable in the above 2.

Close Stock display settings improved Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 17 April 2013 / Time: 16:00 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #275 URL

Stock display became more flexible.

Label for stock is editable though it was set as Stock Quantity.
Other text for stock can also be changed.

For sold-out items, you can hide retail price by selecting Do not set retail price.

Close Bulk operation available on Member Information page Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 17 April 2013 / Time: 15:59 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #274 URL

Operation icons were added to the member information page.
Select members checking the box and click an operation icon above the list to cancel and undisplay them.

Additionally, the procedure to confirm the changed customer information was modified.

Click the message of "Customer Information Changed:" on the top page of the Shop Manager
to move to the Member information page.

The customers whose change is unconfirmed are listed. If order awaiting shipment include them,
see the changes on the order details page.

To change the status from Unconfirmed to Confirmed, go to the Member Information page,
check "Show only unconfirmed information", and click Refine.
Select members and click the check icon which is additionally appears above the list.

Close Add a cart outside function re-activated Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 03 April 2013 / Time: 17:27 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #273 URL

We completed corrections and improvements and re-activated Add a cart outside function.
Link button to the item information page additionally became available on this function.

By pasting a code, you can put the Add to Cart button or a link button to the item information page on your existing website and blog.

1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Inventory Control] > [Add a cart outside].
2. Set up layout settings. You can select a button type here.
You can set different layout on each item registration page.
3. Select linked url from the outside cart.
4. Go to [Inventory Control] > [Existing Items].
5. Click the Gain code to add a cart button in Operation.
6. Copy code in the Copy Code field.
7. Paste code on your existing website.

The code includes javascript. If the existing website does not allow external javascript, this will be disabled.
This code does not work on the pages secured with SSL. You cannot use this code on Twitter and Facebook.

Template for Outside Cart

Close add a "PIN" button Contributor: allib / Date: 15 March 2013 / Time: 12:33 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #271 URL

pls consider to add a pin button next to the facebook ,twitter, and google+

Pinterest is one of the largest social media around the world, thanks.

Re Add a PIN button Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 15 March 2013 / Time: 16:48 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #272 URL

Unfortunately, we have no plan to add PIN button.
We will consider it in the future.

Close COD setting improved Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 14 March 2013 / Time: 14:45 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #270 URL

You can limit the payment amount for COD.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Payment Methods] and click the Set Payment Method button for COD.

To limit the payment amount, leave "above value or more" blank.
If the payment amount exceeds the largest amount entered in the calculation table,
COD is not listed on the payment methods in the cart.

Close Point System improved Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 14 March 2013 / Time: 14:44 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #269 URL

You can set the maximum usable point in the Point System now.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Point System].
The "Maximum usable point" field was added in the Using Points box.
This is optional though the minimum usable point is required

Close Overall Discount Setting improved Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 14 March 2013 / Time: 14:44 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #268 URL

You can exclude items from the overall discount before the discount setting is enabled now.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Overall Discount Setting].
Please remove the check from "Enable overall discount setting", before applying the overall discount.

Close how to print order easily Contributor: allib / Date: 11 March 2013 / Time: 11:26 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #266 URL

As per subject, how to print my order easily

Will you have any print friendly button can only print the body of the order, not the whole web page.

If not, I think this is very important.

Re How to print order Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 11 March 2013 / Time: 14:32 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #267 URL

Unfortunately, no printing function is provided on the Shop Manager.

Please use the Print Screen button on your PC, or download orders in CSV format
on [Shop Manager] > [Order Control] > [Order Download].

On [Order Download], you can download the fields you wish to download in your desired order.
Move a field left to right, right to left and up and down in the Select fields to download box.

Close Network maintenance notice Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 04 March 2013 / Time: 10:58 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #265 URL

Due to the network maintenance, all service will be unavailable during the following period.
Date: March 6 (Wed), 2013
Time: 07:00 (GMT+900)
You cannot access your shop pages and shop manager for about 1 minute.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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