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Ochanoko is always looking for new members. If you link to Ochanoko through your webstore, blog, newsletter, or elsewhere on the internet, you will be rewarded if a new paying customer signs up for our service.
  • RewardReward

    $10/paying member *1
  • Timing of PaymentTiming of Payment

    Payment will be issued two months after a valid referral takes place.
  • Payment conditionsPayment conditions

    After commission exceeds $50.00 in a month *2
  • Period of revisit validityPeriod of revisit validity

    30 days *3
  • *1. Referrals will not be counted in the following cases:
    • ・If cookies are not enabled in the registrant's browser.
    • ・If the registrant withdraws from the free trial or, after finishing the trial, does not sign up as a paying member.
  • *2. If the total commission earned in a given month is less than $50, credit for all referrals made in that month will be carried forward until enough referrals have been made that credit exceeds $50.
  • *3. The Ochanoko referral program saves visitor data for 30 days. If someone follows your link and then later, within the next 30 days, registers for Ochanoko, you will be credited for the referral.
    • Check your referral statistics on your control panel:
      • Statistics on the number of referred clickthroughs and successful registrations
      • Pending rewards and total rewards earned
    • STEP 1Apply

      Read our [User Policy], and then fill out and submit an application form.
    • STEP 2Access your control panel

      Once registration is complete, access your control panel and acquire your referral links.
    • STEP 3Advertise

      Post a banner or text link on your website, blog, email newsletter, or anywhere else you think people will click it, and wait for people to access your link and register.
    • STEP 4Accept your rewards

      Once enough people have registered with Ochanoko using your link, payment will be sent to you via the bank details you provided upon registration.