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This forum is for Ochanoko users to exchange opinions and information.
Feel free to leave a message for Ochanoko administrators or other Ochanoko users. Registration not required.

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In addition, there is a possibility to delete the comments without notice when Ochanoko company make a judgement on the comment is an impertinent.
  • vulgarity, hate speech, disruptive or hostile comments, interpersonal disputes, threats of violence,
  • a specific individual's privacy (contact info, email address, etc.),
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Ochanoko-net is not responsible for any damages or personal issues resulting from this BBS.
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Close A point tag became usable in the CRM function Contributor: Ochanoko/Kawakata / Date: 03 July 2008 / Time: 14:09 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #2 URL

A point tag became usable when e-mails are sent from the E-mail Management in the [Lists and Details of Orders] screen.

Please use it in [Marketing] > [E-mail Template Editing] > [Create E-mail Template].

The following 4 tags are available here.
{Name} … Purchaser
{Email} … E-mail Address
{Content} … Order Details
{Point} … Number of Points

* If you do not use the Point System, a point tag is not available.

This point tag is also available to send e-mails for members.
Please use it in [Marketing] > [E-mail for Members] > [Create E-mail for Members].

The following 2 tags are available here.
{Name} … Purchaser
{Point} … Number of Points

* If you do not use the Point System, a point tag is not available.

Close Welcome to Ochanoko Park! Contributor: OCNK-Okano / Date: 02 July 2008 / Time: 09:39 (JST/UTC+9) / Post #1 URL

Hello everyone.

This BBS is designed for the exchange of opinions and information amaong Ochanoko-Net users.Please feel free to write if there are some questions.

Thank you for the visit. (^^)

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