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New function: choose default number of items to display on mobile site

You can now choose whether to display 15, 30, or 60 items on the item list by default on the mobile site. Previously, no setting was available for the default number of items to display on mobile. To edit this setting, navigate to [Mobile Site]->[Item Page] in your Shop Manager and select an option in the [Items to display] field.

New function: Automatically set billing address as Sender if different from shipping address

We have added the function to automatically set billing address (rather than the store) as Sender on the shipping invoice if billing address and shipping address are different. If enabled, customers will retain the option to change the Sender field on checkout. To enable this function, navigate to [Operations]→[Shipping Details] and select “Allow customers to specify Sender.” The option to enable this function will appear.

New functionality added!

Over the last month, we’ve been very busy and have added several new features to Ochanoko for your convenience. Changes include:

1. The .shop top-level domain is now available for use to Deluxe plan subscribers. Please see our Pricing page at https://www.ocnk.com/payment/ for more details.

2. Registration links can be specified for different member groups. Customers who register using these links are automatically assigned to the member group in question. To enable this function, navigate to [Basic Settings]→[Member Groups] and find the [Registration URLs] section.

3. A list of all product reviews can be added to your shop page. Visitors to your store can click on this link and access a list of previously submitted reviews for all listed products. This function can be enabled in your Shop Manager at the [Layout / Images / Comments] page in an HTML5 template, or at the [Page Layout] page in XHTML or mobile templates.

Private domain setup fee free through October 20!

We’re happy to announce that for a limited time only, we’re completely waiving our private domain setup fee in celebration of the launch of our new English website. Through 23:59 (JST/UTC+9) on October 20th, you can take advantage of this amazing deal to get an Ochanoko webstore with your own private domain. If you’re thinking about starting a webstore, or if you’d like to give your existing Ochanoko store an edge by upgrading to our Deluxe plan, now is the perfect time. For more details, see our campaign page!

New function: Add message to name field on customer information form

We have added the function to put a message above the name field on the customer information form. Access this feature at Basic Settings→Customer Info Form, under Name Field Note.

Ochanoko launches new English website

We are happy to announce the release of our new English website! We’ve been working hard to overhaul our English language site. Learn more about Ochanoko and its new version here:

New function: Admin notes on coupons

A note function has been added to the coupons feature. This feature allows you to keep track of a coupon’s value, intended audience, or any other details you need to remember about the coupon.

New function: Metagroups

We have added a metagroups function. This allows you to add multiple groups to one metagroup and organize your items by metagroup.
To use this function, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Inventory] -> [Manage Metagroups].

The review function has been improved.

The following functions have been added to the review function:

・When new reviews are submitted, the number of new reviews will appear in a notification at the top of your control panel.
・You can now select whether to allow editing or deletion by review writers of reviews you have already approved.
・You can now set a limit on the time window in which a customer may review a product after purchase.

A list of blog post titles can now be displayed on the homepage and in the sidebar.

Previously, it was only possible to display one blog post at a time (both title and contents) on the homepage and in the sidebar. Now, however, you have the option to display a list of blog post titles.

If you're using HTML5, navigate to [Design] > [Layout / Images / Comments] and in the Main Area click the settings button for Manager's Diary. From here, under [Display settings], select "Display list of posts."
In XHTML template, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Design] > [Page Layout], scroll down to [Other Fields], and under the [Owner's Diary] select "Display list of posts" to enable this setting.