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New function: CSV download for Instagram shopping

The CSV data for Instagram is available for download. To download, navigate from [Marketing]-->[External shopping]-->[Instagram] tab.
To learn more, see the following FAQ article:


Ochanoko Photo App released

Ochanoko Photo is an application for managing photos via your iOS device. More and more people are taking high quality product photos for their stores using their phones, and the app is designed to make it easy to do just that. With Ochanoko Photo, you can upload images from your phone directly to the Ochanoko Shop Manager, on multiple Ochanoko accounts.

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The Newsletter function has been improved!

We've made two improvements to the Newsletter function. We've added the option to save newsletters as drafts. To save a newsletter as a draft, select [Draft] on the [New newsletter issue] page and click [Send].

We've also removed the confirmation step, so now the process of sending a newsletter is 2 steps rather than 3. Now you can click [Send] immediately from the [New newsletter issue] page.

New function: SPF record

As of February 14, an SPF record will be automatically enabled for all Ochanoko email accounts.

An SPF record is a tool to prevent email address spoofing. With an SPF record, recipient email addresses will be able to verify that the email was actually sent from the servers associated with the Sender field email address. This means that the emails you send are less likely to be treated as spam, whereas emails sent from other servers but labeled as being from you are more likely to be treated as spam.

In most cases, we strongly recommend keeping the SPF record enabled. However, if you send emails from other servers and change the Sender field to an email address associated with your Ochanoko domain, you may wish to disable the SPF record. To do so, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Basic Settings] → [Manage email accounts]. Uncheck [Enable SPF] and click [Save].

New function: Custom popup submenus

We've added the functionality to create your own custom submenus in the shop header. Previously, it was only possible to add regular hyperlinks to the header. This functionality allows you to display the contents of a customizable box on clicking on the link. Popup menus can be added to the header by navigate to [Design]→[Layout] and finding the [+Submenu] button in the Header section. Popup menus can also be added to the expanded navigation menu at [Design]→[Expanded navigation menu].

New function: FTP uploading

We've added the option to pay an additional fee to enable FTP uploading. FTP allows you to upload files, including image files as well as PDF, HTML, and CSS files, using special FTP software. This function can be used to publish custom HTML pages and to upload your own stylesheets.

The monthly fee to enable FTP uploading is USD $9.98. To enable FTP uploading, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Basic Settings] → [Subscription details] and click the [Change plan] button. This will bring you to a page with an FTP field where you can select Enable. Select this and press Save. You will receive an email detailing the steps to follow to complete payment.

Once FTP is enabled, FTP information can be accessed at [Basic Settings] → [FTP settings] in your Shop Manager.

New function: Global HTTPS

We've added the option to change your whole store to HTTPS. Previously, HTTPS was only used with pages related to forms, the cart, and checking out. HTTPS pages, which use URLs beginning with https://, are more secure than standard HTTP URLs. We recommend enabling this setting, as Google Chrome version 62 and up will display a warning message on many non-HTTPS pages. When using global HTTPS, please be aware that any HTML-enabled boxes in your Shop Manager that contain URLs beginning in http:// may trigger a warning message or fail to load correctly. We have also added the functionality to automatically convert all such URLs to HTTPS, but some may not be convertible and must be changed manually.

To enable global HTTPS, navigate to [Basic Settings] → [Global HTTPS settings] in your control panel and click the [Auto-change URLs] button. Perform manual URL edits as necessary. Next, select Enable on this page and then click [Save].

Renewal Campaign through Oct 20

In celebration of recent upgrades made to the Ochanoko Shop Manager, we're excited to announce that we're running a special campaign to cut subscription fees.

Through 23:59 on October 20, 2017 (JST/UTC+9), the costs to subscribe for the first year have been drastically reduced by over 30%. The price for our Standard plan is only USD $6/month (from $9), and $19/month for our Deluxe plan. We hope you'll take advantage of these deals and start (or restart) a webstore with Ochanoko!


Upcoming Shop Manager menu changes

On July 12th, we will be making some changes to the menus in Shop Manager, to improve intuitiveness and ease of use. These changes include removing the distinction between Simple and Advanced modes, as well as moving some pages to other tabs.

These changes can be viewed at the following link:

Responsive (and mobile-only) HTML5 templates released

We’re happy to announce the release of new responsive design templates for your Ochanoko store! When a responsive template is selected, PC and mobile sites are merged, and your store display will be automatically adjusted based on platform and screen size. Our selection of responsive templates can be viewed at the following link:


To get started with a responsive template, navigate in your Shop Manager to [Design] → [Design templates], select HTML5, and then select from the list of responsive templates. Please note that responsive templates are unavailable under legacy PC-only or mobile-only contracts.

We have also added a selection of mobile-only HTML5 templates, with a migration mode setting to make it easier to change your mobile site from XHTML to HTML5. Our mobile HTML5 templates can be viewed at the following link:


To learn more about migration mode, see the following FAQ article: