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STEP 1Initial

Read our user policy, begin registration by clicking Sign Up in the top right corner.
Enter your email address, and click "Register for a free trial."

STEP 2Registration

A private registration link will be sent to your email address.
Click on it within 24 hours and fill out the form to begin your free trial.

STEP 3Free trial

Your free trial lasts for 30 days starting from the registration date.
No fees will be charged during the trial period.

Enjoy unrestricted use of Ochanoko during your free trial.
If you register today
Your free trial will expire on 23 August 2024
Before paying the domain setup fee, you will be unable to use your private domain with Ochanoko.
Your private domain will become available within three business days after paying the fee.

STEP 4Upgrade

* Please read the following information prior to payment.
Private domain details After finishing your free trial, you will need to upgrade your account to a paying membership.
How to Pay
Pay for your membership in your control panel using PayPal or credit card.
* Please be aware that no refunds will be available after payment.
If you wish to withdraw from your free trial, you can do so on your control panel. No fees will be charged for cancellation and all your stored data will be deleted automatically.

STEP 5Subscription

Please arrange payment by the renewal date. If you do not wish to renew, you may cancel your subscription on your control panel.
No additional fees will be charged for cancellation.

Please note prior to payment :

If you are already in possession of your private domain, please check whether your domain name registrar will allow you to keep your domain registered with them while using our servers. Some domain name registrars do not allow this, as they merge domain registration with server rental.
・If they allow you to keep only your domain :
Please follow the below steps after payment.
・If they do not allow you to keep only your domain :
You will need to transfer your domain to a different service. Please contact us for more information about how to do this.

After payment :

・If you already have your private domain :
You will need to change your domain's DNS information. We will contact you with the necessary information to do so as soon as it is ready.
・If you do not yet have your private domain :
Ochanoko can register and set up your domain for you. After Ochanoko sets up your domain, we will display your shop under your chosen domain name.