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Numbers can be entered in the purchase quantity

A text box, where the purchase quantity can be entered directly in numbers,
is available in the item information page and in the shopping cart now,
in addition to the list box, where the purchase quantity is selected.

Please select “Text Box” in [Design Control] > [Arrange Item Information Page] >
"Display of Purchase Quantity".

If you select the Text Box, the maximum purchase quantity is 9999.
If you select the List Box, the maximum purchase quantity is 99 as before.

The Start-up Guide is now available

The Start-up Guide can be downloaded from the left side of the Features page.
This manual will help you create your shopping site easily.

The Management Note was added now

The Management Note is available now.
You can enter notes in the Management Note, which is not displayed on a shopping site
and customers cannot see.

Please use the Management Memo in order details, member Information
and the item information in the following pages;

・ [Order Control] > [List and Details of Orders] > “Order Details” and “Register Order Details”
・ [Order Control] > [Member Information List] > “Change Member Information”
and “Register Member Information”
・ [Commodity Control] > [Register New Item]
・ [Commodity Control] > [Set Displayed Items] > “Change Displayed Item Information

Single recipient can be selected besides multiple recipients

Multiple recipients could always be entered in a shopping cart and this function becomes optional.

The [Send to Multiple Recipients] button is undisplayed in the shopping cart, if you uncheck the check box
of [Accept multiple recipients in one order] in [Advanced Settings] > [Delivery Details].
(The box is checked in default configuration.)

Items can be selected from purchase history in the My Page

Items in purchase history are linked to the item information pages.
We hope that this will promote repeat purchases and be helpful for your sales.

Kindly note that this function is not active under the following conditions.

* Prerelease, undisplayed or deleted items
* Items in an undisplayed or deleted category
* Items undisplayed due to no stock.
* Items not in a display period
* Items blocked by member restrictions

An embedded tag for mobile phones is added in e-mail templates.

If you insert {MobileContent} in the [Create E-mail Template] screen,
order information is displayed in a mobile phone format.
Considering the size of mobile phone screen, it is left aligned and uses short lines.
This tag is added in [Marketing] > [Create E-mail Template].

This function to create e-mail templates is not designed only for mobile phone.
Please use this {MobileContent} tag to send e-mails to mobile phone e-mail addresses.

Repeat customers are marked on the order list.

A new function is added to indicate marks on the order list to show repeat customers.
You can recognize at a glance who are repeat customers in [Order Control] > [List and Details of Orders].
(Twice to 5 times are indicated by a number of purchases and 6 times or more are indicated by ☆).

*Orders cancelled and deleted from a list are included in the number of purchases.
*These marks are indicated only for registered members who set a password.

Display of the [List and Details of Orders] screen was improved.

In [Order Control] > [List and Details Orders],
a number of items can be selected from 20, 50 or 100 now.
(It was fixed with 20 items before.)
This setting is memorized even after the browser window is closed.

Additionally, the upper explanation box can be opened and closed
with a [+/-] button.

The above functions were added to improve usability, but if the
explanation box is always closed, you may not find additional
descriptions. Please regularly check this box.

A point tag became usable in the CRM function

A point tag became usable to send e-mails from the E-mail Management in the [Lists and Details of Orders] screen.

Please use it in [Marketing] > [E-mail Template Editing] > [Create E-mail Template].

The following 4 tags are available here.
{Name} … Purchaser
{Email} … E-mail Address
{Content} … Order Details
{Point} … Number of Points

* If you do not use the Point System, a point tag is not available.

This point tag is also available to send e-mails for members.
Please use it in [Marketing] > [E-mail for Members] > [Create E-mail for Members].

The following 2 tags are available here.
{Name} … Purchaser
{Point} … Number of Points

* If you do not use the Point System, a point tag is not available.

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