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Q.Is there an easy way to manage item prices and stock?

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Navigate to InventoryItem stock and prices. This page allows you to edit item stock and price for multiple items at once. You can use the Search function to narrow down the items displayed to edit them more easily.


Please be aware that prerelease and inactive items, as well as items in inactive categories, will not appear on this page. Items displayed with a grey background are outside of their specified display period.

Edit stock and quantity as you wish, and then click image (Save).


Managing stock and prices for item variations:

Click the image (Variation stock and prices) button to configure stock and prices for individual item variations.


Click image (Enter) on this page to return to the main Item stock and prices page.


Click image (Save) to save variation stock and prices.


Clicking image (Enter) on the popup page without clicking image (Save) will not save changes to variation stock or prices.

Last update: 19 Mar 2018 15:35