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Q.How do I cancel an order?

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Navigate to OrdersOrder list. Click the button in the Details column for the order you wish to cancel:


On the page that comes up, there will be an orange button that says Cancel order.


Click this button and click OK in the confirmation popup.


  • Cancelled orders cannot be restored. Please take care to only cancel orders you are absolutely sure you want to cancel.
  • Please be aware that no automatic emails are sent in case of order cancellation.
  • Item stock will be restored automatically on order cancellation. Please be aware that item variations may not be restored automatically.
  • Points awarded for a cancelled order will be rescinded, and points spent on a cancelled order will be reimbursed.
  • If payment has been completed, cancelling the order via Shop Manager will not reimburse the customer. Please reimburse the customer through the payment method used, such as canceling a PayPal charge via PayPal.
Last update: 15 Dec 2017 16:48