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Q.What can I do with member groups?

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A summary of the basic member group functions are as follows:

  • You can create up to 10 member groups. A given member can only be in one group.
  • You can apply different discount settings, by percentage of price, to each member group. These settings can be applied by item, by category, or applied to all the products on your store.
  • You can set page access restrictions by item or by item category for each member group.
  • You can disable purchase of certain items or item categories by non-members.
  • You can send emails to specific member groups.
  • You can restrict access to custom pages by member group.
  • You can prevent non-members from viewing your shop.

Here is a full list of places in the Shop Manager where you can configure settings related to member groups:

Tab Page Details
Orders Member groups Create, merge, or delete member groups. You can also create special registration links here to sort new registrants who use the link into a member group automatically.
Orders Members View a list of members displaying which member group each member is in, and move members to different groups by editing individual member information.
Marketing Member group newsletters Create emails to be sent to specific member groups.
Marketing Member group recipients See who will receive or has received the emails you set at Member group emails, and do some basic management, such as subscribing or unsubscribing individual members.
Inventory Global member settings Select Enable here to set global discounts by member group, or restrict purchase by non-members or ungrouped members.
Inventory Category discount/access settings Set discounts or hide categories by member group.
Inventory Item registration page (Item list) Set discounts or hide items by member group.
Inventory Category discount/access list View a list of which categories and items have which settings for each member group.
Contents Custom pages Create new pages and restrict access to them based on member group.
Contents Custom page access View a list of custom page access by member group and change restrictions.
Design Page titles Edit labels to display for member prices vs non-member prices.
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